E3 2017 - Gameplay and Interviews from the Show Floor - A Compilation

E3, believe it or not, isn't only about the press conferences. In fact, there are still three days in which the show floor is open. Where there are brand new games waiting to be played and interviews to be had with the people that made them. Luckily, I am compiled all of such interviews and gameplay right here for you to indulge in, if you so choose.

Below you will find YouTube playlists containing all of the show floor coverage from nearly all games journalistic outlets over the past three days of the actual show. Within those videos you will find exclusive gameplay and interviews from tons of games that were shown off at E3 2017.

Outlets include Gamespot, IGN, YouTube, the E3 Coliseum, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and finally the Giantbomb Late Nite E3 show (in that order).

I hope you enjoy.